Ways to add Suede to your décor in your 2 BHK Flats in Patna

When it comes to home decor, suede is indubitably one of the most splendid and sophisticated materials. Suede is easy to maintain, durable and practical.

So, what’s waiting for??

Indulge in a suede décor today and make 2 BHK flats in Patna look stylish. Bring in a wow factor in your home with this natural leather that is fibrous and include a soft touch.

Adding suede to your décor set a highly classy look in your home, making it appear neat, opulent and warm.

Usually people after buying flats in Patna or at other place, wonder how to decorate the space (or add suede to decor), making it look stunning. If you are among those, it is pleasantly informed that fortunately you have landed on the correct platform.


Here in this blog, we have included tips to help you out designing your 2 BHK flats in Patna with Suede which can get utilized in distinct ways.

Ways to Add Suede to Your Décor in Your 2 BHK flats in Patna

For the upholstery

Planning to give you flat in Patna an opulent finish??

Soft suede upholstery is for you.

As it can work very well with sofa and chair design.

With soft suede texture, give your living room a modern, yet classic look.

The choice of shades might range from natural browns to bolder hues. Besides, you can also opt for a dual color scheme with suede upholstery for your couches and sofas.

On the Headboard

Provide bedroom of your 2 BHK flats in Patna with a sensuous feel via introducing a suede headboard.


Add this element of luxury to your home décor and enjoy the softness of it.

When it comes to a headboard, you can either opt for a simple plain design or a classic quilted pattern with tuffs for some texture.

On the Footboard

Provide your apartment in Patna with a layer of sophistication via adding a suede footboard.

This will forbid injuries as it’s a durable fabric and include a smooth finish.

Craft a complimentary look in your bedroom with a simple footboard and a tufted headboard.

As a wall accent

Suede is a versatile material that can get utilized as wall décor. Suede is available in textures, print and solids.

What’s more??

One can highlight an entire wall via upholstering it with this fabric. Or one can just cover a part of the wall with it in your new flats in Patna.

For Curtains

Since suede is a thick fabric, so of course can be an excellent choice for curtains in cold climate areas.

Suede curtains keep the room warm via blocking draughts and holding up the heat.

The suede curtains can also get utilized as blackout curtains. In tropical climate areas, one can make use of Ultrasuede or microsuede that is, in turn, a lighter version and thus, works very efficiently in warmer regions.

For Cushion Covers

Suede, being a soft fabric, works excellently as cushion covers. Spend your money in some rich, color popping combinations and show off the playful side of your home.

For Bean Bag

A suede bean bag can be a fun addition to a children’s room, TV room or office.

For Ottoman

Suede Ottoman in a bedroom of your flats in Patna can get used as a coffee table. This ultimately makes the living room more eye-catchy.

Suede Ottoman can get combined with cushioned chairs and couches for visual contrast.

For armchair

Adding suede to your chair add an antique look to your study.

There is nothing quite as comfortable as sinking into a comfy suede armchair for an afternoon snooze.

So, this was all about the ways via which you can redefine the décor of your 2 BHK flats in Patna with natural fabric, Suede!!