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Talking of Patna, it would for sure not be wrong to say that here buying the home is the biggest financial transaction, as people build large savings for it.

Now for that big decision, it’s obvious that everyone would like to choose trustable property developer.

Despite the fact that today there is wide availability of Property Developers in Patna, it’s also true that the majority of them are inexperienced and profit-minded players with whom you can face several issues. Such as project delays, legal complications and etc.

So, its indubitably very important to make a selection of the property developer, only after making good research-based onto the points mentioned below.

Questions to ask a Property Developer in Patna

Before purchasing property in Patna, it’s important to know what questions to ask a property developer. All those real estate development questions have been discussed here in this blog.

What’s Their Background?

This one is the first and foremost thing you are required to do while opting for a property developer in Patna. Performing a background check onto the real estate developers in Patna helps you know their track record, delivery rate, and projects. You should always keep in mind that the best of all apartment builders in Patna would have some successfully completed residential projects in Patna for sure.

Checking out developer’s background is important as currently, the real estate market is teeming with new as well as inexperienced property developers in Patna.

Here below some ways have been discussed to do that:

  • Have a conversation with the previous clients.
  • Pay a visit to the developer’s website to check the portfolio, history, and associates of the construction company in Patna you are opting for.
  • Visiting the construction site of their ongoing housing projects in Patna will provide you with info of their work quality, layout, and materials. Ask the owner of that particular township project in Patna about the services and reliability.

How much time they take to complete the residential projects in Patna

‘Working with a financially secured property developer in Patna is the right move’ – is a fact of which hopefully everyone would be aware of. Nonetheless, there is a long list of real estate company in Patna who don’t believe at delivering their projects on time.

In this sort of scenario, it has been referred well to go for the listed companies as they are required to perform well for their stakeholders, thus delivering the project on time.

In the majority of the nations in this world, regulatory bodies exist who list them after checking their respective financial conditions and track record.

Asking the previous clients of the construction company in Patna comes in handy in this case.

How financially secure they are?

It’s probably one of the vital questions to ask a building developer before buying flats in Patna.

For property developers in Patna or anywhere else, it’s not good to go through financial troubles. You should stay away from them as:

  • Chances are high that they will resort to the cheap material. This they actually do to compensate for the lack of funds.
  • They can’t deliver project on time as there are various delays.
  • They can raise their costs or charge you with hidden costs.

So, it’s obvious you would not want the bankrupt construction company in Patna for your project. Thus you must ask for their respective business reports or should consult stockholders or bankers for knowing their financial position.

The alternative, you might look at their sales of units and success rate of housing projects in Patna. As this would provide you with a rough estimation of the company’s financial health. In case if it’s a joint venture firm, you must research the other entity as well.

Do they own Legal Documents?

Ensure that the real estate developer in Patna you are opting for has all the documents regarding land title, construction commencement, authority approvals, building plan approval, and other information. It has been referred wiser to ask a lawyer to help you understand the mentioned tricky terms and conditions in the agreement or other documents. Never hire a property developer who is missing any of the vital documents.


It’s obvious to be happy to find a developer with low price quotes. However, it’s important to be alerted when prices are dramatically low. As in this situation, chances are high that developer might cut corners to make a profit. He/she can make use of inferior materials in building construction.

Similarly, high prices quotes always do not guarantee good work, a developer might have include hidden charges. So, its always a wise and nice idea to discuss prices and hidden charges on the spot with the property developer.

Do they own strong network?

Last but not the least, this is another one of the most vital questions to ask a real estate developer, since construction work is all about the teamwork of several different professionals, so for a property developer in Patna or somewhere else, its important to have relationships with architects, engineers, brokers, bankers, attorneys and equity sources.

Having a strong network of real estate professionals is one of the most vital factors to ensure project success.

So, this was all about what to ask a real estate developer before selecting the best among all the property developers in Patna.

Hopefully, you went through the blog properly and now all set on how to make a selection of the property developer.

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