Watch out tricks which property developers in Patna may use to fool you

Talking of current scenario, about Patna it would definitely not to wrong to say that, with an encouraging influx of investment in the real estate, it is one of the fastest emerging real estate destination in India.

As per the recent report by the World Bank,

Patna is amongst the best places in India for setting up a business.

All these reasons enticed a large number of people to invest in Patna real estate. And this ultimately increases the number of real estate developers in Patna.

Now despite such large number of property developers in Patna, here it is advised to be wary while selecting the best amongst all available residential projects in Patna and the real estate developers in Patna.

All that glitters is not gold!!

The realty market in Patna is highly complex. The real estate developers in Patna do make use of tactical twists around laws and rules for befooling numerous unsuspecting customers, and numerous land up with their life’s worth of savings locked up in held-up projects, along with their dream houses turning into just a distant fantasy.

Here below there are a few things which you should be careful of before zeroing on the property developer and housing project in Patna you desire.

Things to consider while selecting the appropriate of all property developers in Patna

Set forth things are important to consider while making a selection of property developer for you.

Select after due diligence

Do not fall for jazzy brochures or fancy websites.

The builders in Patna spend a huge amount of money marketing.

Thus it is important to do a credential check of even the most recognized and reputed property developers in Patna.

Besides also ensure that you do a site visit.

Talk to several real estate agents in Patna and then make any decision.

Deals and Discounts

There is nothing free as such of a free lunch.

So, whensoever advertisements like ‘Free Modular Kitchen’ or a ‘Free Car’ scream out, read between the lines.

The builder will make you pay elsewhere.

Note: Deals and discounts around the festive season are marketing gimmicks. So it’s important to first check out the counterparts and then make any decision.

Misleading high sales

In the real estate sector,  usually people get news like a project is 90% sold and only 10% inventory is left.

These are often misleading statistics.

So, it’s better to consult various agents and then make a decision whether this is indeed true.

Sometimes small-time investors make an initial investment for jacking up the sales numbers and then, later on, release the units into the general market.

Be aware of these, ask question carefully and then make any decision.

Check out the builder-buyer agreement carefully

Sometimes the papers drafted by the lawyers of the builders tend to favor them at the cost of buyers. Most of them usually not mention a completion or possession date and there might be no cause for a penalty of late payment. Else, the late penalty payment might be minimal.

Watch for these and seek legal advice if required. Or otherwise, you might end up paying 80-90% of the payment and yet awaiting possession for years.

There are cases when home loan EMI’s (even pre-EMI’s) have burdened the buyers for years, as their finished home is nowhere in sight.

Personal follow-up

It’s a fact that money matters a lot.

And since your money, so it’s obvious your right to do a personal follow-up onto the progress of the project from without blindly accepting claims by the property developers in Patna about the quick ‘progress’ of the project.

Pay a visit to the site on regular basis.

Build pressure onto the property builder about the progress, if possible in writing, for leaving a paper trail.

Form a society of buyers, as it might it make it easier to confront the builder in a larger group.

Luxury Grab

Do not fall for tall luxury claims.

Check out the location and facilities in and around the complex.

The upcoming facilities’ might take years to complete. This includes offices, roads, metro, malls, social even public transports. These are the basic lifelines of support for a comfortable life.

So be ready when you move into your new flat in Patna!!

Don’t forget to compare the prices, facilities, features, quality of other homes in the neighborhood. Besides, it is also important to keep more than one locality in mind for making a better and informed choice!

This was all about the tricks that property developers in Patna might make use of to make you fool. So, now if all set to buy flats in Patna, we think you have understood that it is literally important to be aware of all the above-mentioned tricks.

Despite all these tricks, it’s also the fact that the overall picture of the Indian real estate industry is not all that scary.


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