Services Offered

Services Offered

Saakaar Constructions have been established with a 'customer first' vision. We do not believe that 'consumer beware' norms. Rather, we are of the opinion that customers are obliged to know and understand nothing and that it is the duty of us, who have years of experience in the industry, to hold their hands throughout.
Here are some of the services we offer to our employees:

1. NRI Support

Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) are at a major disadvantage when compared to local customers in that they can't always be at the spot and verify information first hand. They might also be at a loss for local culture and values. These considerations have made us at Saakaar pay special attention to NRI customers' needs. We proactively try to provide them will all the information they might need to make an informed decision, even though they might not themselves know that they needed it.

2. Quality Assurance

Saakaar has an absolute commitment toward maintaining the delightfully awesome quality of our products and services. We have won the esteemed NS-EN 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008 certification because of this uncompromising commitment in this regard. And we are proud of it and love to brag about it. Our products, the beautiful happy places we build, come with an assurance of top quality from us.

3. Home Loan Support

The upcoming middle-class generation often lacks a lump sum but, where they have a steady income, they can get a home loan to finance their first home. Saakaar understands that all these loan procedures can be frustrating for customers with no previous experience with such transactions. And thus, here too, Saakaar is proactive like the true friend it is, ready to hold their hands throughout the process and help them understand it thoroughly.

4. Hassle-Free Loan Approval Support

To improve our customers' experiences with home loans, Saakaar has established tie-ups with some of India's biggest banks. This tie-up helps us make the loan approval process hassle-free for customers. You will find that there is nothing easier than finding a home loan if you opt for our service – but that is only because we did the hard work for you and we're only too pleased to do it.

5. Hassle-Free Payment Support system

Too lazy handle your EMI and other payments? Don't worry. You belong to the leisure class and you have to be lazy. Let Saakaar do it for you. Saakaar has built systems of coordination with various banks that help us ensure that you do not have to hassle about making the payments in time.

6. TDS Payment Guide

Not only are we good with loan payment but we also guide you through the process TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) payment. If you keep repeating the word TDS, it starts sounding like tedious which it is for. But here too Saakaar assists you. Saakaar is very smooth in this service and is so efficient that the customer doesn't even have to bother thinking about it.

7. Hassle-Free Agreement For sale

Loans and TDS involve outside parties – besides us and our valuable customers and yet we manage to provide our customers with delightful experiences. Just imagine how far better we would be with agreements for sale which only involve us and our customers! The process will be as smooth as an ivory sheet and customers won't even know before he or she already owns the place.

8. Legal Services at the time of the deed

The sale deed for land involves a lot of legal formalities to ensure the rights of both parties involved. While we take care of our end of formalities, we are also too pleased to provide you legal services to smoothen your end of things. These services help you in having all your questions and doubts answered, collecting all the necessary documents and we hold your hand through the formalities using our experience and knowledge to save you from unnecessary bother.

9. Vendor Support and Management

Saakaar provides another valuable service in the form of Vendor support and management – another service it undertakes to ensure that customers have the most comfortable existence. The service ensures a smooth, comfortable and happy life for customers through ready availabilities of literally everything they might need in their day-to-day life.

10. Continuous Support till Booking

Saakaar provides its customers with all the necessary help and information to help them before and through the process of booking. We are only too happy to answer any doubts and queries that you might have. We are awesome friends that way. Our customer service is one of the best in the industry and we pride ourselves at how easily approachable we are.

11. Continuous Project Status Updation

At Saakaar, we know how excited you can be for your new acquisition – for your new … or perhaps first home, for your new, etc. Seeing the place under construction can be like seeing your child growing up. And we know you like continues updates on same – and here too Saakaar does it for you. You can get continuous monthly updates on your mobile, or visit our website and other social media channel for them.

12. Handling over of possession/key to the property

Finally, the day you have so long awaited has come. The key is almost in your hands but before you get your hands over your property …. Darn, there is some more documentation and formalities to take care of. If you had not known us, you would have been annoyed to end but now you have come to rely on our good judgment. And yes, Saakaar won't disappoint you on this last step either. Our services include taking care of the formalities of handing over possession in the smoothest way possible.


Please note that the above is not an exclusive list of our services. Our relationship with customers doesn't end with handing over of property and we continue to do our best to look after their interests. And we would love to serve them in any which way possible to us.