7 Reasons Why Buying Flats in Patna is a Good Investment Option

With an encouraging influx of investment in the city’s real estate, Patna is the amongst the fastest emerging real estate destination in India.

According to the recent report released by the World Bank,

Patna is among-st the best places in India for setting up a business.

Patna in Bihar includes wide range of ongoing infrastructure projects, which are changing its face on large extent. All this makes Patna’s real estate a good option for investment.

So if you are among those who wish to buy flats in Patna, but just confused on whether it would profitable or not, more reasons have been described here below proving Patna real estate a good investment option.

Reasons Proving Buying Flats in Patna a Good Investment Option


When it comes to home, it would be definitely not wrong to say that ‘There is no safer place than home’.

Home is indeed the safest option for investing in.

Main reason liable behind this is the returns and risk associated with it.

Returns through stocks and shares over a period of three to four years are highly risky as they sometimes show huge variation even in a week. Nonetheless on the other hand house remains stable and thus safe over a long period of time.

Loans are cheapest

Compared to other assets, loans offered for homes (flats in Patna) are cheapest. Despite the fact that in India, the auto loan is offered for 14% and personal loans are offered for 15% on an average, a home loan is available for 9.25-11%. This makes home loans comparably quite cheaper.

Ample finance options

Regarding real estate financing, the wide range of ample options is available. From banks to Non-banking Financial Companies and private lenders, for a real estate investor, there is no dearth of money.

Suits every requirement

Real estate do suits every budget and requirement. In a case if one is looking for long term capital growth, building a retirement flat in Patna would be a good option. What’s more, regarding continuous income, buying flats in Patna where the rental flow is attractive will be great.

Besides from this, in a case, if you are looking for an addition to your respective portfolio, it is suggested to buy an old home in Patna, available at a lower price. Further then remodel it according to your choice. This would raise its value.

Controlled asset

You might require to hire a broker or dealer in a case of investing in stocks and shares. However, investing in flats in Patna is quite easy and simple. Real estate construction sites such as saakaar.com is a one-stop destination to look for options and research about localities, get answers to all the property associated queries which an investor tends to have. Besides from all this, when it comes to home, buying through a broker is a one-time payment, while share brokers charges commission on a yearly basis.

Keeps on growing

Real estate asset just never stops growing. Once you buy flats in Patna, the yield and returns increases. This increment varies as per location. Flats onto being putted on rent, provides with risen capital price.

For all those who want to build up their retirement nest, it’s a golden opportunity as they can leverage rental income till the age of 58 and can further sell it at lump sum amount for buying another property.

Pass it onto your next generation

Buying flats in Patna has been categorized under the category of those assets which you can pass onto your kids and next generations to come. Every time whensoever you think about long-term investment, it is not always for your lifetime.

Yes, you heard it right!!

You can pass it to your children and in a case of being well-positioned, property will continue to grow over the long term.

According to experts,

There is not even a single company present on National Stock Exchange that has topped the market for 10 years in a row.

Talking about real estate, it would not be wrong to say that:

Time will change, but the benefits of investing in flats in Patna are only going to increase.

This is not only because it is the safest haven, but also because it’s an asset that is tangible and make it more real.