Vital Things to Remember While Investing in Residential Projects in Patna

In India, Patna is amongst the cities which are developing very rapidly as a smart city with proper infrastructure along with the development of urban areas and proper usage of plots

Due to all this, currently the situation is that everyone is considering Patna as one of the best place for real estate investment and thus want to invest their.

So, if you are among those who want to invest in residential projects in Patna, it is hereby informed that despite all the aforementioned lucrative features, it’s important for you to keep remember some vital points before going for any of the housing projects in Patna. Regarding this, you can refer to this blog. As it includes all the vital parameters which are important to consider while zeroing in any of the new residential projects in Patna.

Vital Things to Remember Before Buying any of the Residential Projects in Patna

Here below, points have been mentioned which are quite important to remember while investing in housing projects in Patna.

Property Price

The first step while going for any of the residential projects in Patna is to fix a budget. It becomes easier to shortlist a house if you are aware of how much you are willing to spend on it.

Make the comparison of the price of property in question with the ones present around it from several real estate developers in Patna. This will provide you with an idea if the builder has offered you a genuine quotation or not.

To get a comparison of properties in the area you are looking, you can go for numerous ways. Portal listings, brokers of the area or newspaper listings are some of such sources.

Land Record

The land onto which your flat in Patna is built up is highly crucial. Its important for you to research about the soil quality and topography of land on which the house is constructed.

Besides from this, it is also vital to see that the plot is clear of all dues and is registered.

Before buying any of the residential projects in Patna, the title deep is important to be verified and checked thoroughly. As the deed provides you with all the details on rights, ownership, and obligation towards the property.

Flat’s Carpet Area

Property area or the super built-up area which is listed is actually the entire area which includes elevator space, shafts, stairs, thickness of walls and others. Nonetheless, carpet area is the area within the walls of the flat. This might be 30% lesser than the build-up area or the area utilized to calculate the property price.

In often cases, when a floor is shared between the two distinct owners, the price of the common spaces are shared between the two.

Legal Check of Property

Its important to assure that any of the residential projects in Patna you wishes to buy is legally authorized to get constructed onto the plot it stands on. It’s crucial for the construction company in Patna to have approvals and NOCs from Area development authorities, water supply, electricity boards, sewage boards and Municipal Corporation.

Nonetheless in a case, if you are taking a home loan, then in that situation, the concerned bank will validate your property documents before the loan sanction.

Financing Banks

While going for any of the residential projects in Patna, it’s important for you to stay aware of the banks which are willing or not willing to finance certain top builders in Patna.

Banks usually do not offer loan to builders having a bad reputation in the market. Thus, it’s really important to check the banks which are willing to fund the project you are planning to invest on.

Location of the flat

Before going for any of the housing projects in Patna, it’s important to look around the area where you are eventually going to reside in. Prospects such as the physical infrastructure, amenities and reach to all the basic places are important to get analysed.  

Cross-checking these factors will provide you with a peaceful living in the house.

Before buying any of the 2 BHK flats in Patna, 3 BHK flats in Patna or 4 BHK flats in Patna, it is important to ensure that the flat is in a safe and secure place, offering security to families living in the flat.      

Hidden and Additional Charges

Assure that all the clauses of documents are gone through in detail and penalty clauses be understood. The constructor is required to pay you a monthly penalty, in a case if you do not receive the flat’s possession within the grace period.

Several additional charges such as stamp duty, GST, registration charges, home loan processing fee and various other are important to kept in mind.

So, this was all about vital points which you should keep consider while going for any of the residential projects in Patna.

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