Green Building: Concept to reality by Saakaar Constructions

Green Building!!! Hope, you’re not unaware of this word. Nowadays it’s a trend in the real estate sector in India. More and more companies are focussing on “Green Buildings” in their recent and upcoming projects. Let’s have a look at the concept of “Green Building” and how Saakaar Constructions – one of the top construction companies of India has implemented it in its dream township project – Saakaar Aquacity.

Understanding The Green Building Concept:

Don’t take it as building painted in the color Green or a building with terrace gardens, parks or tree shades. In brief, Green building is the practice of constructing structures and using process that is eco-friendly, environmentally responsible and resources efficient throughout the building’s lifecycle. Here, building’s lifecycle starts from planning and design to construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction. In other words, Green buildings can also be called sustainable or high performance.

Our every activity has some impact on the environment. When it comes to construction, the whole process involves a lot of waste generation, energy consumption, environmental pollution and heat release. These all have very harmful effects on human health as well as the environment.

Impacts of the Built Environment:

Each and every aspect of the built environment involves energy consumption, carbon release and waste generation that cause environmental pollution. It needn’t require to mention the harmful effects on environmental pollution.

Look at the following table. I hope, it will help better in elaborating on the impacts.

Aspects of Built Environment:


Environmental Effect

Ultimate Effects :











          Natural Resources


           Air pollution

           Water pollution

           Indoor pollution

           Heat islands

       Storm-water runoff


 Harm to Human Health

 Environment Degradation

          Loss of Resources


Here comes the green building concept. Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on our health as well as our surroundings i.e. our environment. It can be achieved by:

1.     Efficient energy and resource utilization, both natural and man-made.

2.     Preventing the occupant’s health and improvisation in employee’s productivity.

3.     Reduction of waste generation sources, environmental pollution and degradation.

We already have caused severe threats to our environment through many of our activities of which we are facing the harmful effects. Therefore, it’s the need of the hour to reduce our impact on environment. Considering the real estate sector that has vast carbon footprints should focus more on the green buildings rather than just creating mammoths.

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC):  

Considering the significance of Green Building, the Confederation of Indian Industry has established IGBC in the year of 2001 with a vision to entitle a sustainable build environment for all. It’s working on missionary scale to make India a global leader in sustainable development by 2025.

IGBC is entitled to develop the framework of a new green building rating platform, to provide certification and training programs to aware the people and market players about green building and sustainable development.

Green Building: Concept to Reality By Saakaar Constructions:

Saakaar construction is one of the leading real estate companies in India and has pioneered the concept of Green Building in Bihar. With the experience of 23 years in real estate sector, We understand the need for implementation of this concept and have taken care of it in all of our projects. Our dream project – Saakaar Aquacity is the epitome of the green building and sustainability. Understanding the requirements and by providing training to every single involved individual, we have duly implemented the green building concept. Our efforts have made us receive the approval and rating from IGBC.

Let’s have a look at our green building initiatives at Saakaar Aquacity considering each aspect.



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Saakaar construction is one of the leading real estate companies in India and has pioneered the concept of Green Building in Bihar. Our dream project,


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