Amenities at Aqua City Building | Flats in Patna

Today, everyone wants to own a house in luxurious apartment for leading a lavish life.

When you live in a luxurious apartment, you will not just find your living houses or quarters there, but a complete host of several other facilities for enjoying that cater to all your respective fitness, entertainment and health requirements.  

Aqua City building by Saakaar Constructions at Ashopur, Patna offers its residents a complete living experience. While developing Aqua City Patna, every sort of luxurious requirements has been kept in mind.         

Here in this blog, some of the essential luxurious facilities provided by Saakaar Aqua City has been listed. So, kindly have a glance.

Luxurious Facilities Provided by Saakaar Aqua City Patna

Here at AquaCity, world-class luxurious facilities have been provided. Have a quick glance:


A little greenery can completely transform your entire living experience. While living in the heart of the city, it is obvious that you won’t get the suburbs spacious backyards, however at Aqua City building, you will still be able to get away from the hubbub of the city.

Aqua City Patna contain rooftop gardens, offering a tranquil escape, enabling you to get some much-required relaxation time. Unique features like waterfall besides also add up to the feeling which nature has penetrated in the urban environment.

Aqua City apart from all this, provides the perfect backdrop to entertain guests during the summer months, the time when you feel like escaping your apartment interior.


While living in luxurious apartments, it’s obvious that you should not pay for a gym membership.

Saakaar Aqua City Patna includes fully –equipped gymnasiums, enabling you to work out with a view of sprawled beneath you.

Rooftop Pool

Nowadays swimming pool is indubitably a vital facility in the luxury apartments. When it comes with an appearance overlooking one of the most picturesque cityscapes in the world, the experience is just an unparalleled experience.

At Aqua City Patna by Saakaar Constructions, there a rooftop bar has been crafted so that you can kick back poolside with a cocktail or mocktail in hand after a hectic day outside your house.

Banquet Hall

Partying and participating, in any sort of event, is indubitably quite enjoyable. However, enjoying a successful event is not at all small feat to achieve. In all this, Banquet hall plays a crucial role.

Aqua City building by Saakaar Constructions (which is the best property developers in Patna) is providing you with a luxurious banquet hall in its own campus area.

Yes, you heard it right!!

Aqua City Patna includes a banquet hall in it, enabling you to enjoy your precious moments nearby your own house.

So, this was all about the luxurious facilities provided by Saakaar Constructions at Aqua City building.

Aqua City Patna besides from all the aforementioned detailed amenities, also include several other luxurious amenities such as Restaurant, playgrounds, temple, dance room, music room and etc.

Aqua City building offering 2 BHK flats in Patna, 3 BHK flats in Patna & 4 BHK flats in Patna is a complete great architecture, meeting the true comfort of living. It’s a place where all age groups will get things of their requirement. Spread in approx 12 acres of land with 60% of land covered by nature using lush green gardens and lawns, Aqua City is offering eco-friendly apartments in Patna.

So, kindly go for it if looking for a luxurious residence in Patna.