Environment Policy

We learned that economic growth and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand. -Christopher Dodd.

Saakaar believes in understanding the policy of “Iron law of Social responsibility” and operating in an eco friendly and sustainable manner. It considers the environment as an integral aspect of its design concepts and construction strategy.

It is one of the very few real estate companies in eastern India which has received the ISO 14001:2008 certification for complying with the environment safety standards.

At the design stage, the neighbouring properties and local environment is taken into consideration, with a view to integrate the building architecture, and landscaping with existing infrastructure and natural features.

Some of the key measures and breakthroughs in adhering to the safety of environment have been allocation of more than 50% of open space in all its projects, partial development of roof as a green area to reduce heat reflection & absorption, efficient waste management with compost pit and rain water harvesting for conserving water efficiently.

The company has also started exploring the usage of solar lighting in its upcoming projects.

MOEF Compliance Report

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